Rencontre avec Anna Devis et Daniel Rueda

Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are two very imaginative fine-art photographers and former architects based in Valencia, Spain. Today, this creative duo put into use their architectural backgrounds to tell stories through fun and surprising images that are far from conventional architecture photography. Their work is characterised by their visual sense of humor, creativity, precision, and a delicate aesthetic inspired by the city, geometry, and minimalism.

Recently named Hasselblad Global Ambassadors and included in the Forbes Europe 30 Under 30 list for « the inventive use of everyday objects and natural light » in their photography, they’ve also drawn commercial interest from globally acclaimed brands such as Netflix, Disney, Facebook, and Pantone, among many others. In addition to having participated in numerous advertising campaigns, their work has illustrated festival posters, book covers, and has been published in numerous international magazines such as Surface Mag, The New York Times Style, Marie Claire, Glamour, or El País.

Although it may seem surprising or hard to believe, besides some basic image processing, Anna and Daniel create these surreal scenes without the use of photo-editing software. Instead, they carefully set the scene in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations, and tons of natural light.

Set in cities from all over the world and full of striking locations, clean shapes and pastel colors, these images do not only speak of abstraction, elegance and simplicity. As a result of their inventive use of everyday objects and worldly locations, their work also invites us to rediscover our own surroundings with a fresh new look. Walls, streets, and facades, usually relegated to the background, become the absolute protagonists of these whimsical photographs through the eyes of this creative duo tirelessly seeking to draw a smile on our face. As a matter of fact, those of Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís are photographs that undoubtedly transmit joy and optimism, encouraging us, as the Monty Python would sing, to look at the bright side of life.




Un monde de création artistique unique pour Anna et Daniel. Découvrez une partie de leur travaux par cette superbe série diversifiée.

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